9 mdmotivator Viral and Featured videos

9 MDMOTivator viral videos

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About Zachery- 9 viral videos

Zachery Derniowski - MDMotivator viral videos

MDmotivator (real name Zachery Dereniowski) is a Canadian YouTuber, TikToker, and Instagram star known for his mental health videos.

If you’ve seen our other posts, ‘Who is MDMotivator’ and ‘is MDMotivator Fake?‘ you’ll know that whether you like it or not, people are talking about Zachery Dereniowski.

In this article,  we will introduce 9 MDMotivator viral videos from his YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.

Top 3 mdmotivator viral videos on TikTok

My daughter's birthday

@mdmotivator “Today, I went to the church and gave my life to God” 🥺❤️ (Donation L1nk LIVE) #empathy #money #lgbtq #kindness #payitforward #fyp ♬ original sound - Zachery Dereniowski
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No.2 Depression

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No.1 Michael

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What makes TikTok so different from other social media?

TikTok is a very different platform than Instagram or Facebook. It’s not about sharing your life; it’s about sharing short videos and memes with friends, family, and strangers.

The app offers users a chance to create short videos, usually about 15 seconds long, which can be set to music and shared with friends. Users can follow each other and like or comment on each other’s posts.

You might share a funny video, but you could also just as easily share one of your favourite songs or a meme that makes you laugh. There are no rules, which is part of what makes TikTok so fun!

The platform has become extremely popular in recent years, especially among teenagers. It’s also one of the most downloaded apps in the world, with more than 300 million downloads as of April 2019.

TikTok has captured the imagination of young people around the world, who have turned it into a phenomenon. But what makes TikTok so different from other social media? And why are so many people using it?

Here are five reasons why TikTok is so popular:

1) It’s easy to use – anyone can use TikTok easily regardless of how tech-savvy they are! It’s also free to download and use!

2) It’s fun – creating funny memes and sharing them with friends is great fun! People love creating funny memes because they get lots of likes and comments which gives them a feeling of satisfaction!

3) It’s social – you can follow other people on TikTok and see their posts! This means that everyone gets to see your videos too!

Top 3 mdmotivator viral videos on YouTube


Homeless man

Kylie Jenner

There’s no doubt that YouTube has become a major player in the world of social media. It has over 1 billion users, many of which are teens and young adults who spend hours per day watching videos on their smartphones and computers.

So why does YouTube seem so different from other social media platforms? There are several reasons:

The first and most obvious reason is that you can only share videos on YouTube. While some people do share links to other websites or blogs, most people post videos directly onto the site. This means that there’s less clutter since most people aren’t sharing photos or text posts on the platform.

Another big difference between YouTube and other social media sites is that while there are many different types of content available, it’s all focused around videos – there aren’t any photos or text posts to distract users from what they came for – watching videos!

Top 3 mdmotivator viral videos on Instagram

Daughter's socks

A Kind and Sweet man

Peace and too much Fighting

About Instagram

Instagram is a social network that allows users to share photos and short videos. It’s a fun way to interact with friends and family, but the app has its own unique features that set it apart from other social media platforms.

Here are a few reasons why Instagram might be the best social media platform for you:

It’s visual.

Instagram is all about sharing photos. The platform is known for its stunning images and videos, which can be edited using thousands of filters, effects and stickers. You can also use hashtags to help your followers find your content more easily.

It’s an image-based platform.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter, which allow users to post text-only updates, Instagram focuses solely on visual content — whether it’s photos or videos — making it easier for people with visual impairments to use the app without feeling left out of the conversation..

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