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MDmotivator brand deals 2023

MDmotivator, aka Zachery Dereniowski, the highly influential TikTok star, has captivated millions with his unique brand of content creation that successfully intertwines entertainment with a message of kindness and goodwill. His impact is reflected in an impressive portfolio of collaborative work with a diverse array of high-profile brands, including Disney, the NBA, NFL, Walmart, and WWE. 

More than an influencer, he’s proven his mettle as a powerhouse of social media marketing, adept at carving out memorable campaigns that resonate with audiences across the globe. The potency of MDmotivator’s message, coupled with his relentless drive to make a positive impact on society, has seen him spearhead dozens of fundraisers, each testament to his steadfast commitment to usher in change through the power of digital connection.

See below for a list of fundraisers and brand campaigns that MDmotivator has been involved in

MDmotivator brand deals table


Detroit Tigers16th May 2023
Blink 18210th May 2023
Walmart / Treo7th May 2023
Discover LA7th May 2023
McDonald’s21st April 2023
Maple Leafs20th April 2023
Sarducci’s12th April 2023
Atlanta Hawks8th April 2023
Fundraiser4th April 2023
WWE2nd April 2023
LAFC26th March 2023
Fundraiser25th March 2023
Fundraiser17th Feb 2023
NFL13th Feb 2023
Jason Derulo12th Feb 2023
Fundraiser9th Feb 2023
Disney25th Jan 2023
Philadelphia Eagles22nd Jan 2023
Fundraiser19th Jan 2023
Fundraiser18th Jan 2023
Fundraiser14th Jan 2023
CVS / UPS19th Dec 2023
Scotiabank14th Dec 2023
Pistons12th Dec 2023
McDonald’s8th Dec 2023
Bilt Rewards30th Nov 2023
Jason Derulo23rd Nov 2023
Dapsnation18th Oct 2023
Dapsnation21st Nov 2023

why brand deals are important

Brand deals are like a high-five between brands and influencers. It’s a partnership where both sides bring something valuable to the table and get something great in return. Brands get a golden ticket to a world filled with potential new friends (we mean customers, of course), all thanks to the influencer’s personal touch. It’s like a very popular pal is introducing a cool new friend (the brand) to their large circle of friends (the influencer’s followers). 

Influencers, on the other hand, get a chance to extend their reach, amping up their online presence and credibility. Plus, let’s be honest, they get to collaborate with cool brands, which is not only exciting but also helps them keep creating content that their followers love. MDMotivator brand deals tend to focus on creating an amazing experience for a viewer that can change their life.

The beauty of these brand deals is that they’re real, honest, and genuine. Rather than blasting impersonal, one-size-fits-all advertisements at people, it’s someone you admire sharing something they’re excited about. It feels like advice from a trusted friend, not just another sales gimmick trying to grab your attention.

And let’s face it, in a world where we’re constantly bombarded by traditional advertisements, this kind of authenticity stands out. It’s like a conversation between friends instead of a lecture, making it much more likely to resonate with people. So, brand deals aren’t just about selling a product or service, they’re about building a community where people can connect in a meaningful, personal way.

mdmotivators most interesting brand deal - Discover LA

MDmotivator brand deals with Discover LA

Zach’s brand deal with Discover LA offered the choice between $100 or a Lebron James mystery box. After choosing the mystery box Jalen, the winner was given $1,000 in cash and a trip to LA to see the Los Angeles Lakers.

To make the story more touching Jalen’s Mom gave her last $12 for him to go out and get lunch with his friends before winning the mystery prize from Zach. 

This brand deal shows how organizations can create substantial brand awareness while also providing entertainment for the audience and once-in-a-lifetime experience for the prize winner.

what is the future of influencer brand deals?

As we peer into the future of influencer brand deals, we can expect to see them evolving in fascinating and innovative ways. With advancements in technology and shifts in consumer behavior, brands might start activating partnerships through immersive experiences like virtual or augmented reality, allowing influencers to interact with products or services in captivating, digital dimensions. Think of influencers hosting virtual meet-and-greets in a brand’s VR store, or using augmented reality to demo products in real-world settings – the possibilities are thrilling!

Brands could also lean into personalization, creating uniquely tailored collaborations that seamlessly blend the influencer’s personal brand with their own. This could mean co-created products or immersive content that speaks directly to the influencer’s specific audience.

When it comes to advertising budgets, these future-forward influencer deals are worth every penny. They blend the authenticity of a personal recommendation with the excitement of emerging tech and the personal touch of tailor-made experiences. As a result, these collaborations don’t just sell products, they create engaging stories and memorable experiences, all while building trust and community. In an advertising world that’s ever-evolving, this makes influencer brand deals a truly exciting and impactful frontier to invest in.

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